Banking Attorneys in San Francisco & Irvine

Severson & Werson’s banking attorneys understand that our bank clients face the challenge of defending against many different types of single-plaintiff and class action claims. Whether the claims involve account disclosures, legal order processing, customer altercations, money laundering/BSA, “faithless employee” embezzlement, “ancient CDs”, safe deposit boxes, KYC/CIP/EDD, or large-scale Ponzi schemes, our Bank Operations Practice Group has a proven track record of successfully defending its clients.

Our banking attorneys and finance lawyers are experts in litigating disputes involving negotiable instruments, ATMs, mobile deposits, domestic and international wires, and other forms of electronic payments. In addition to achieving victories in front of juries, judges, private arbitrators, and courts of appeal, our attorneys also advise Firm clients on risk management issues and regulatory inquiries. The Bank Operations Practice Group draws on its understanding of the business of banking, its mastery of the law, and its seasoned advocacy, to deliver the results Severson & Werson’s institutional banking clients have come to expect.