Three Severson & Werson attorneys were panelists at the Fall Conference on Consumer Financial Law on October 20-21 in Plano, Texas, the primary focus of which was Vehicle Finance. The Conference on Consumer Finance Law (CCFL) is a non-profit organization founded in 1926 by members of the legal profession and the financial services industry to offer educational services, publications and research relating to consumer financial services law.  A Governing Committee of members establishes policies and directs the activities of the CCFL.  The CCFL publishes the Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report, a law journal that examines legislation, regulations, court decisions and related legal developments in the consumer financial services industry.

Adam Hutchinson participated with other industry experts on a Panel entitled, “Navigating Priority of Lien Disputes with Floorplan Lenders Arising from Quartz v. Mullen Bros. and Potential Liability in California for Attorney’s Fees Following Pulliam v. HNL Auto”.

Austin Kenney’s panel addressed, “Are You Covered?: Behind the Drive to Regulate GAP Waivers and Other Ancillary Products”.

Genevieve Walser-Jolly’s panel focused on “For Your Eyes Only: Privacy Updates for 2022-2023”.

Genevieve Walser-Jolly and Scott Hyman serve on the Executive Board of the CCFL, and are Vice-Presidents of the CCFL for Media and Publications respectively.  Scott Hyman and his team support the CCFL’s publication of the Quarterly Report in conjunction with St. Mary’s School of Law, and the 13 Articles to be published in the upcoming edition of the Quarterly Report set forth the basis for the CCFL’s Fall Conference.

The CCFL’s Fall Conference Agenda can be found at and inquiries about the CCFL, future conferences, or the Quarterly Report can be directed to Genevieve or Scott at and respectively.