Veteran Business Litigation Attorneys in San Francisco & Irvine

Severson & Werson’s business litigation attorneys understand that business objectives must be weighed against costs constraints and so we emphasize making an objective early evaluation of the dispute, considering its strengths and risks, and formulating a game plan to achieve our client’s goals, whether it’s bet-the-company litigation or resolving discrete disputes.

Our business attorneys are singularly focused on learning our clients’ business inside and out, and then applying our industry-specific knowledge to solve problems other litigators cannot. We partner with our clients throughout the litigation process and candidly communicate with each client through the resolution of the dispute.

Our litigators have earned a well-deserved reputation for their expertise, creativity, and thoroughness. We aggressively seek litigation solutions short of trial, and have significant expertise in alternative dispute resolution when appropriate. But when trial is called for, we bring exceptional experience and skill to the courtroom as well as an impressive record of success.