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Attorneys Serving San Francisco and Irvine

Experienced Attorneys at an Institutional Law Firm with over 70 years of experience delivering sound legal counsel, fierce advocacy, cost-effective trial results, and shortened resolution times throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Our award-winning business, financial services, insurance, construction, employment, real estate, and banking attorneys have been an integral part of the growth and health of the modern banking, financial services, and insurance industries nationwide.

Our clients include banks, market funded consumer and automobile finance companies, mortgage bankers, and domestic and foreign insurance companies. Our team of litigators and transactional attorneys have a vast track record of success in obtaining results for businesses of all sizes and individuals.

The results our attorneys have obtained throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine, and nationwide have given us a unique advantage in serving clients of all sizes by taking on cases at any stage of a trial and matters of banking & financial law, insurance law, construction, business litigation, employment law, and real estate.  Unlike many law firms, our unique team of both transactional lawyers and trial attorneys means we have the expertise to represent our clients at all stages of a case, from beginning to end.

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Consumer Finance

To Be A Business Under The CCPA, That Entity Must Determine How Or Why To Process Consumer PI

Judge Davila of the Northern District of California held that the file transfer service was not a “business” under the CCPA and grants defendant’s motion to dismiss.  The analysis turns on whether or not defendant determine how or why to…


California Appellate Tracker

Wozniak v. YouTube, LLC (2024) 100 Cal.App.5th 893

Plaintiffs sued YouTube claiming it allowed and enabled a well-known scam in which fraudster’s take over control of a widely followed legitimate YouTube channels and then run false ad videos purporting to offer those who send in digital currency twice the amount they send in.  Of course, the fraudsters make off with the contributed digital currency giving nothing in return. …


News, Publications & Events

Elizabeth Farrell Promotion

Severson & Werson is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Farrell has been promoted to a non-equity member of the Firm. Liz joined Severson in 2013 as an attorney in the Financial Services Group. She quickly became an integral part of…