Experienced Construction Attorneys in San Francisco & Irvine

Severson & Werson’s construction lawyers pride themselves on blending and capitalizing on its decades of experience in construction industry dispute resolution and strategic counseling with cutting-edge solutions to contemporary opportunities and challenges.

Four decades ago, Severson & Werson handled the first defense claim for a design professional insurance company. Severson & Werson has perpetuated that experience through a collaboration with individual firms, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers, to become an effective partner and resource in risk management, strategic planning and dispute resolution.

Consistent with its roots as well as the realities of the construction industry, our construction attorneys are there to advise and advocate for clients in all levels of disputes from the simple to the complex and contentious. Our attorneys in San Francisco and Irvine seek to work with our clients to provide an early assessment of the dispute and then to chart a strategic path to resolution through interim remedies such as direct negotiations or mediation, or even the ultimate remedy of trial or arbitration.

Our firm’s veteran construction attorneys have successfully represented multiple clients in bench and jury trials and in arbitration, in California and beyond. We have become respected and valued advocates with respect to professional licensing actions.

Equipped with decades of experience, the construction attorneys of Severson & Werson devotes significant energy toward preventing disputes and fostering successful projects and relationships through its transactional counseling, risk management guidance and advocacy within the industry at large. As a result, our attorneys act as general counsel to numerous construction firms and individuals and is a frequent presenter to and leader in construction and professional industry groups.