During these challenging times, Severson & Werson remains open and in full operation, consistent with the firm’s previously established contingency planning. While many of our attorneys and staff will be working remotely, as a firm, we continue in full operation. We are here to help, as always.


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Consumer Finance

7th Cir. Says Reporting Multiple Debts Rather than Aggregating into Single Account Did Not Violate FCRA/FDCPA

  In Zablocki v. Merchs. Credit Guide Co., No. 19-2045, 2020 U.S. App. LEXIS 23737 (7th Cir. July 28, 2020), the Court of Appeals dismissed an FDCPA claim premised on a debt collectors failure to aggregate debts into a single…


California Appellate Tracker

Rallo v. O’Brian (2020)

Prob. Code 21620 and 21622 deal differently with pretermitted heirs born after and those born before the testator’s death.  Section 21620 establishes a presumption that the heirs born after the testator’s death were omitted unintentionally and thus are entitled to inherit, unless an opposing party proves otherwise.  Under 21622, however, the burden is on the heirs born before the testator’s…


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Severson & Werson Attorneys Commit to Data Privacy Day 2020

Attorneys from Severson & Werson’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Group went all-in for this year’s Data Privacy Day 2020. In the Firm’s San Francisco office, Joseph Guzzetta (CIPP/US; CIPP/E) and Evelina Manukyan (CIPP/US; CIPP/E) passed their Certified Information Privacy Manager…