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Consumer Finance

US Dept. of Treasury’s Analysis Parts Ways with the CFPB on the CFPB’s Arbitration Rule

Today, the Dept. of Treasury issued an analysis of the CFPB’s Arbitration Rule, entitled Limiting Consumer Choice, Expanding Costly Litigation: An Analysis of the CFPB Arbitration Rule.  The Dept. of the Treasury concluded that In view of these defects, it…


California Appellate Tracker

Nationwide Biweekly Admin., Inc. v. Owen

The district court abused its discretion in abstaining under Younger v. Harris when the defendants commenced a state court enforcement action against plaintiff 7 months after plaintiff filed this federal court suit.  Later filed state court proceedings are properly an…


News, Publications & Events

DS News Interviews Kerry Franich Regarding Mortgage-Related Appellate Litigation

Appeals present unique challenges in mortgage-related litigation. DS News recently sat down with Severson & Werson appellate attorney Kerry Franich to discuss some of those challenges, emerging trends, and other topics and strategies that servicers should consider when managing cases…