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Consumer Finance

District Court (Cal.) Denies Auto Finance Company’s MSJ Because Factual Question Existed as to Whether its “SpeedPay” Program Violated the Rosenthal Act

In Lindblom  v. Santander Consumer USA Inc., 2018 WL 500347, at *6–7 (E.D.Cal., 2018), Magistrate Judge McAuliffe denied an automobile finance company’s summary judgment in a class action complaining that its SpeedPay program violated the Rosenthal Act. Defendant does not…


California Appellate Tracker

Kurwa v. Kislinger

In an earlier decision in the same case, the Supreme Court dismissed Kurwa’s appeal from an order dismissing the breach of fiduciary duty claims in his complaint and Kislinger’s cross-complaint, holding the judgment was not final or appealable because it…


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DS News Interviews Kerry Franich Regarding Mortgage-Related Appellate Litigation

Appeals present unique challenges in mortgage-related litigation. DS News recently sat down with Severson & Werson appellate attorney Kerry Franich to discuss some of those challenges, emerging trends, and other topics and strategies that servicers should consider when managing cases…