Severson & Werson has decades of experience representing licensed professionals, including engineers, architects, land surveyors, geologists, contractors, and attorneys in disciplinary matters involving investigations, citations, accusations and even the ultimate fact finding hearings and corresponding appeals. Whether charged with a negligent error or omission or some other form of misconduct, or simply targeted with an unmeritorious complaint by a dissatisfied client or competitor, Severson & Werson’s professional license defense attorneys provide skilled, knowledgeable and experienced representation from the initial report or investigation through the ultimate resolution with a focus on preserving the professional practice and integrity.

Our attorneys are particularly adept at navigating the dispute resolution processes employed by our clients’ governing boards, including negotiation, mediation, administrative trials and appeals. We utilize strategies and practices which enable our clients to resolve complaints and charges implicating their professional licenses as efficiently, affordably, and flexibly as possible, often in a confidential setting. We are proud to have seen numerous investigations, complaints and charges against our clients dismissed outright, and to have negotiated favorable agreements for our clients in a significant number of other matters involving accusations of professional misconduct.

With in-depth substantive knowledge and administrative experience, Severson & Werson’s professional license defense attorneys also counsel and strategize with our clients to avoid disciplinary charges from being filed against them in the first place, including in connection with the formation and reporting of settlements of civil claims and judgments which require reports to various professional boards, reports which in turn can lead to investigations, citations and accusations.