Severson’s Cybersecurity/Privacy Coverage Group knows that when a breach or suspected data protection breach occurs, every minute counts. Assembling the right team to manage the risk is crucial. Severson’s Cybersecurity/Privacy Coverage team is known for both responsiveness and follow-through. We work closely with our carrier clients, as well as insureds and breach counsel, to develop a plan to manage both risk and costs from inception to conclusion of a breach event.

Recognizing that the technology would rapidly outpace the insurance market in this once emerging area, for years, Severson’s Cybersecurity/Privacy Coverage Group has stayed ahead of the curve by offering prospective data protection policy drafting advice. Building on this invaluable early experience, Severson’s Cybersecurity/Privacy team grew to handle all aspects of coverage related to Cyber and Privacy Breaches from early risk assessment, to monitoring, to coverage evaluation and litigation, to pursuit of subrogation claims.

Given the exponential increase in both frequency and severity of highly publicized security breaches, electronic data thefts, and alleged privacy invasions, cyber security, once merely emergent, is now a fully realized risk. Further, the risk is no longer limited to medical professionals but touches literally any company with a computer system that retains any private information.

Severson’s Cybersecurity/Privacy Coverage group has experience not just in multiple risk contexts but also with different types of perils. We are well versed a number of areas including:

  • Multimedia Liability
  • Security and Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties
  • Network Asset Protection
  • Ransomware / Cyber Extortion
  • PCI DSS Demands

Whether in the first or third party context, trust us to help you manage the risk.