A data breach or other cybersecurity event is not just a technological emergency – it is a legal emergency.  When an event happens, it is critical that you engage experienced lawyers immediately to help guide you through the critical days after a data breach.  Severson & Werson’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Group is made up of professionals who regularly publish articles and lecture to industry groups on best practices for responding to an event, and counsel clients not only on responding to an event, but also on planning for a future data breach and minimizing the impact that future litigation over the breach has on your business.  All of our lawyers are also experienced litigators, and we understand well how your response to a cybersecurity event can impact your defense of what may well become bet-the-company litigation over the breach.  Severson & Werson’s professionals are ready to help you plan for a data breach or cybersecurity event in advance, or respond immediately, efficiently, and cost-effectively to an event after the fact.