Severson & Werson’s alternative dispute resolution attorneys have been at the forefront of ADR processes in banking and financial services, as well as the insurance and construction arenas, and employment law. We have long utilized ADR strategies and practices to pioneer mediation, arbitration, and special master processes. This enables our clients to resolve their disputes and meet their business goals as efficiently, affordably, and flexibly as possible in a confidential setting outside of trial.

Our attorneys have experience and skills in all forms of ADR. They’re experienced in mediations, arbitrations, and references to special masters and referees. We have handled thousands of mediations successfully. Furthermore, we’ve obtained favorable awards for our clients in a large number of arbitrations pending before such national ADR providers as JAMS and the American Arbitration Association.

Our attorneys prefer to lead rather than follow, and that’s true even in ADR mediation. Our experience and in-depth knowledge often enable us to design and lead the mediation or arbitration process. This allows us to proactively attain our clients’ goals. There is a considerable array of available alternative dispute resolution forms. Our strategies utilize the most effective ADR options to meet our clients’ business objectives and resolve their disputes as cost-effectively as possible.

With a reputation for being objective and effective, our attorneys have also long served neutrally with distinction as ADR professionals both independently and in connection with national ADR providers, including as mediators, arbitrators, and special masters. We efficiently and effectively administer mediations and arbitrations in matters of complexity.

We represent and counsel our clients with respect to the negotiation and preparation of ADR agreements tailored to their needs. This includes effective and enforceable mediation and arbitration provisions.

We also present educational seminars on the effective use of ADR.