Our institutional, industry, and litigation experience is crucial to our ability to help clients. We recognize and foresee potential problems. We design and implement solutions. And we develop rigorous policies and procedures. The latter are fundamental to avoiding exposure in the uncharted territories of the fair credit reporting area of law. Our attorneys are expert and proficient in their ability to understand and solve discrepancies between what was reported and what was furnished.

We have advised our clients on strategic risk management as pertains to their credit reporting obligations. Our firm’s attorneys have been at the forefront of analyzing cutting-edge credit reporting issues relating to commercial damages, credit reporting bankruptcy proceedings, and pre-emption. They have handled hundreds of individual FCRA and CCRAA cases. Likewise, they have managed dozens of class action lawsuits, on credit reporting theories ranging from permissible purpose, firm offers of credit, furnisher re-investigation cases, and the intersection of the FCRA and federal bankruptcy laws. We have the judgment and foresight to recommend settlement when it is the most practical solution. And furthermore, we know to advocate litigation when defending a valid practice, policy, or procedure. In fact, this strategy often staves off frivolous lawsuits in the long run. We litigate, settle, and go to trial with equal tenacity.