The trial court did not abuse its discretion in finding that neither party prevailed or was entitled to an attorney fee award under the Davis-Stirling Act (Civ. Code 5975(e)) or the private attorney general statute (CCP 1021.5) in this suit by a condo owner against the condo association.  Although plaintiff obtained a preliminary injunction and prevailed in forcing the condo association to give better notice of proposed rule changes, that issue was only one of four that she pursued, and the others, on which she did not prevail, were more important.  Furthermore, her victory on the one issue didn’t benefit a large group of the population.  The condo association knocked out two claims by demurrer and an Anti-SLAPP motion, but then mooted out the remaining three claims by adopting revised rules.  Unilateral action by a party that moots a claim doesn’t make that party a prevailing party for attorney fee award purposes.