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The Anti-SLAPP statute protects the defendant, an employee of plaintiff, from plaintiff’s breach of contract action arising from the employee’s decision to file an employment lawsuit, notwithstanding the arbitration clause in his employment agreement. Read More

Ads for musical, political or artistic works are not categorically excluded from protection under the Anti-SLAPP statute, but still must concern a matter of public interest to be protected; here, an ad for Michael Jackson’s posthumous record album was protected because its claim Jackson was the lead singer on three tracks addressed a matter of public interest. Read More

Civ. Code 1942.5(d) and (h), which grant a tenant a cause of action for a landlord's retaliatory eviction create an implied exception to the litigation privilege since otherwise the anti-retaliation statute would be rendered toothless; so tenant survived landlord’s Anti-SLAPP motion. Read More

Under Civil Code 47(b)’s divorce exception, ex-wife’s allegedly defamatory statements about a nanny in a declaration filed in her marital dissolution proceeding are not protected by the litigation privilege. Read More

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