On October 6, 2021, Governor Newsom signed several new bills into law:

AB 1391

Adds section 1724 to the Civil Code and makes it unlawful for anyone to sell or sell access to data that was unlawfully obtained.  Similarly, it is unlawful for anyone to buy or use data that they know, or should know, was unlawfully obtained.

AB 694 

Amongst other things, it makes non-substantive changes to CPRA and requires that the CPPA issue implementing CPRA regulations by the later of either July 1, 2021 or within six months of CPPA notifying the AG that is ready to assume rulemaking responsibilities.

AB 335 

Exempts from the CCPA’s right to opt-out, vessel information or ownership information retained by or shared between a vessel dealer and a manufacturer, so long as the information is for the purpose of effectuating a repair covered by a warranty or recall.