After successfully moving to compel arbitration of Suarez’s wage-and-hour claim, the defendant employer failed to pay its share of the initial arbitration fee.  This decision grants the employee’s petition to vacate the order denying his motion to withdraw the dispute from arbitration on the ground that non-payment of the fee within 30 days of its due date was a breach of contract and a waiver of the employer’s right to compel arbitration under CCP 1281.97 et seq.  The 30-day deadline for paying the arbitration invoice was not postponed for two days because the arbitration administrator served the invoice by email.  CCP 101.6 which provides for a two-day extension for electronically served papers applies only to court proceedings, not arbitration.  The employer cannot excuse its own waiver on the fact that Suarez also did not pay his share of the fees within 30 days.  The statute imposes no such burden on the consumer or employee, only on the arbitration clause’s drafter.  The FAA does not preempt CCP 1281.97.