Ordinarily, an order on a motion for an attorney fee award is appealable as a post-judgment order under CCP 904.1(a)(2).  But here, to maintain the trial court’s jurisdiction to enforce a settlement agreement, the parties agreed that judgment would not be entered dismissing the action until after defendant had paid the settlement amount and any attorney fees awarded by the trial court.  Hence, the order denying fees was a pre-judgment, not a post-judgment order and so wasn’t appealable.  The appeal could not be saved as a premature appeal between rendition and entry of judgment and the court was disinclined to save the appeal because the appellant had not straight with the court of appeal regarding the problem.  The order denying attorney fees was also not appealable under the collateral order doctrine, since that doctrine only applies to orders assessing monetary awards against the appellant, not orders like this one which deny such an award.