Fire insurance policies must be written on the statutory form that includes a one-year from inception of loss (semi-contractual) statute of limitations.  This decision holds that the insured cannot circumvent that limitations provision by bringing suit under the UCL for an injunction against denial of insurance coverage under similar circumstances.  To have standing to sue under the UCL, the plaintiff must show he lost money or property as a result of the alleged violation.  So even if the relief sought isn’t tied to the denial of benefits to the plaintiff, the claim is because only by showing he lost insurance benefits due to the challneged practice may the insured show standing to sue.  The statute of limitations bars any claim (no matter how titled) if filed more than a year from inception of loss.  Furthermore, the insurer does not waive the benefit of the statute of limitations by agreeing to re-review the insured’s claim for benefits after expiration of the limitations period