Enacted in 2002, Civ. Code 3339, Gov. Code 7285, Health & Saf. Code 24000, and Lab. Code 1171.5 each provide that all rights and protections of law are available to all without regard to immigration status, that immigration status is irrelevant to proof of liability for violation of state labor, employment, civil rights, consumer protection, and housing laws, and that discovery regarding immigration status is permitted only when the discovering party can show by clear and convincing evidence that the discovery is needed to comply with federal law.  Here, a employee sued for retaliatory firing after he suffered an injury on the job.  The employer defended saying it was compelled to fire the plaintiff because it received information from ICE showing that the employee had a forged green card.  The trial court erred in compelling the employer’s discovery regarding the plaintiff’s immigration status. Immigration status was irrelevant since the plaintiff didn’t seek reinstatement or back pay, both of which federal law prohibits being awarded illegal aliens.  The discovery was not necessary to comply with federal law in connection with the employer’s defense of the retaliation suit.