This decision holds that under Wage Order 16: (1) time spent awaiting and undergoing an employer-mandated exit security procedure that includes the employer’s visual inspection of the employee’s personal vehicle at a security gate is compensable hours worked because it is an employer-mandated task for the employer’s benefit.  (2) Time spent traveling between the security gate and the employee parking lot is not compensable hours worked unless the security gate is the first location where  the employee’s presence is required for an employment related reason other than the practical necessity of accessing the worksite.  Also, application of ordinary workplace rules to that travel time is not in itself sufficient to make the travel time compensable.  (3) Even if a collective bargaining agreement that complies with Labor Code 512(e) and Work Order 16 section 10(E) provides for an “unpaid meal period,” the time spent on the meal period is compensable hours worked if the employer forbids the employee from leaving the employer’s premises or a designated area during the meal period and if this prohibition prevents the employee from engaging in otherwise feasible personal activities. If compensable, the pay for unpaid meal break time is recoverable under Labor Code 1194.