Following Delgado v. Trax Bar & Grill (2005) 36 Cal.4th 224, this case holds that bar owners owe their patrons a special duty of care to assist their customers who become ill or need medical attention, to warn of known dangers and, in circumstances in which a warning alone is insufficient, . . . to take other reasonable and appropriate measures to protect patrons or invitees from imminent or ongoing criminal conduct by, for example, telephoning the police or 911 for assistance, or protecting patrons or invitees from an imminent and known peril lurking in a parking lot by providing an escort by existing security personnel to a car in that parking lot.  However, that special duty does not extend so far as to make the bar owner liable for a bar patron’s death an hour after he left the bar following an altercation in the bar.  While it might be foreseeable that the assailants would try again elsewhere after all parties left the bar, most of the remaining Rowland v. Christian factors weigh against imposition of a duty of care in this circumstance.