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Duty of Care

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Neither statutory nor common law imposed a duty of care on the YMCA to administer a heart defibrillator to a participant in a soccer league that rented one of the YMCA's fields when the participant suffered a heart attack while playing soccer.  Read More

Only damages proximately caused by the defendant’s tort are recoverable; here, that principle barred recovery for wrongful death in 2011 from a second accident to which injuries sustained due to defendant’s 2004 tort allegedly contributed. Read More

A college owes its students a duty of care to protect them from foreseeable harm (here, an attack by a mentally troubled student) in the classroom during a college course, since students are dependent on their colleges for a safe environment and colleges have a superior ability to provide that safety for activities and facilities under their control. Read More

A bar and dance club owed a duty of care to protect patrons against sexual assault in its bathroom areas; a unisex bathroom with ADA stalls that had floor to ceiling walls and lockable doors, together with the sexually charged atmosphere of the club and lax security guard policy, indicated there was a clearly foreseeable risk of nonconsensual sex in… Read More