After 601 sued Frum for rent due under his lease, Frym cross-complained against 601, its owner DiCarli, and their attorney, Leoni.  The three cross-defendants brought separate Anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss.  DiCarli’s was heard first.  She prevailed and was awarded attorney fees.  Frym then dismissed his claims against 601 and Leoni before their motions were heard.  This decision holds that the trial court erred in denying 601 and Leoni attorney fee awards on the ground that they could have joined their motions with DiCarli and that the fees awarded DiCarli were sufficient for a three-party motion.  Instead, the trial court had to apply the lodestar method to calculate the fees due 601 and DiCarli, as there is no requirement that separately represented defendants join in a single motion.  However, the court can reduce the lodestar to the extent it finds that the attorneys engaged in duplicative work.