Heirs who filed a medical malpractice wrongful death suit lack standing to challenge the constitutionality of MICRA’s limits on noneconomic damages (Civ. Code 3333.2) and attorney fees (B&P Code 6147).  Plaintiffs’ attorney had not withdrawn or moved to withraw due to the statutory limits on attorney fees.  Moreover, there is no constitutional right to an attorney in civil litigation.  Plaintiffs had not yet recovered anything from the defendants, much less noneconoic damages in excess of the statutory $250,000 limit.  So plaintiff had suffered no concrete injury from the statutes they challenged and lacked standing.  For the same reasons, the trial court did not err in sustaining a demurrer to their declaratory relief claim.  Declaratory relief is not available when, as here, the dispute is completely conjectural, not existing or surely impending.