This decision dismisses as moot a suit that a taxpayer brought seeking to enjoin a program for granting emergency aid to undocumented aliens in California during the COVID pandemic.  The program proceeded while the case was pending.  All the program’s money was spent.  There is no way to get the money back and no realistic threat that the program will be revived.  While taxpayer standing suffices to get the plaintiff into court and to secure a permanent injunction at the end of the litigation, a taxpayer’s general interest in not having public funds spent unlawfully is not sufficient irreparable injury to support issuance of a TRO or preliminary injunction.  While the court could decide a moot case if it presented an issue of public importance if it was otherwise unlikely to be addressed, here the court found that the same question would likely arise in connection with public expenditures that were not one-time expenditures as was the case here.