On May 31-June 1, Severson & Werson was one of 9 pre-eminent consumer financial services law firms from across the nation who sponsored the Semi-Annual Consumer Financial Services Conference of the Conference on Consumer Finance Law in Chicago, Illinois.   Scott Hyman, a member of the CCFL’s Governing Committee, moderated a panel on FinTech and Auto-Mobility.  A White Paper by Mr. Hyman and Austin Kenney entitled “Automobile Finance Law in the Emerging Autonomous and Mobility Ecosystem” published in March of 2018 provided the impetus for the Panel’s presentation.  Severson associate Alan Ritchie, currently based in Chicago, also attended the Conference.  Information about the Conference’s panels can be found at http://www.ccflonline.org/conference/.   The CCFL’s next Conference is from November 5-6 at the Texas A&M University School of Law in Austin, Texas.  For information about the CCFL, Auto Mobility, or the Firm’s White Paper, please contact Scott Hyman in the Firm’s Orange County office or Austin Kenney in the Firm’s San Francisco office.