Once again, Severson trial lawyers have helped our client win the trust and confidence of a California jury.

After a two week trial and two days of deliberation, a jury in the San Diego Superior Court rejected the multi-million dollar claims of an elderly widower against our client, a major National Bank. Instead of millions, the jury pointedly awarded Plaintiff only $523.14 – a statement of complete adoption, to the penny, of Severson’s trial presentation and recommendations.

This was a case whose “optics” had troubled the client. Plaintiff brought elder abuse, wrongful foreclosure and emotional distress claims.  Instead our client emerged as the “prevailing party”. The Bank’s witnesses were remarkable for their genuineness, professionalism and clarity. The jury appeared, by the end, to fully understand not only complex banking processes – but more importantly that the Bank had dealt fairly and honorably with the Plaintiff.

Mark Wraight from our SF office led the team including Matt Garfinkle (who worked the case up).

For financial institutions facing the enormous risks of jury trial in California, Severson is unmatched in experience, talent, tested trial capability and record of success.