Today, we made our 1,000th post, demonstrating the weblog’s longevity and continuity, as well as the Firm’s commitment to keeping the consumer finance industry properly informed of legal developments in disclosure laws, the FDCPA, the FCRA, and the TCPA.  What started as an electronic form-file has developed into an extensive, specialized research tool for industry.  Thank you for constantly taking the time to let us know how essential the weblog has become to what you do. On achievement of this milestone, it also seems apropos that we announce the California Continuing Education of the Bar’s publication of our practice guide on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act:  “The Telephone Consumer Protection Act,” Chapter 2B, in “Debt Collection Practice in California,” 2d.Ed. Fall 2013 (CEB).  This practice guide adds to the Firm’s decades-long publication of CEB’s practice guide  on the FDCPA:  “The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act,”Chapter 2A, in “Debt Collection Practice in California,” 2d.Ed. Fall 2013 (CEB).  The Firm’s Orange County member Eric Troutman authored this first-ever practice guide on the TCPA, supported by the research of yours truly through this weblog. Contact Eric Troutman ( or me for more information about the TCPA.  And thank you for staying with us.  We’ve got your back. All the best, Scott J. Hyman