The Summary, found here, states in part that “Through its consumer protection goal, the FTC focuses its efforts on fighting consumer fraud, deception, and unfair practices, and protecting consumer data and privacy.  Agency law enforcement actions will continue to target deceptive and other illegal practices involving mortgage lending, debt collection, and other financial services. These practices can have severe consequences for consumers, including unanticipated high-cost mortgages, ruined credit histories, and loss of their homes. The FTC will work to combat unfair and deceptive practices involving mortgage foreclosure scams, mortgage servicing, subprime lending in the mortgage and credit areas, certain credit and payment cards, credit repair, debt collection, and debt settlement. Furthermore, the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act preserves the Commission’s law enforcement authority over financial entities subject to FTC’s jurisdiction, and it also expands the Commission’s authority in certain areas — for example, with regard to motor vehicle dealers. The FTC will continue to use the tools and authorities available to it to protect consumers.”