On November 18, 2011, the California Court of Appeal for the Second District ordered re-hearing on the Sanchez matter, apparently denying the Dealer’s Petition but granting re-hearing on his own motion.  The docket is set forth below.

11/08/2011 Rehearing petition filed.   by aplt Valencia Holding Co.
11/10/2011 Letter sent to counsel re:   The court requests that each party submit a duplicate photocopy of the original Sales Contract (Exhibit “A” at pages 274-279 of the appellant’s appendix) as it appeared at the time of execution, including all initials and signatures. The photocopy must reflect precisely the original font, line spacing, and contract size. If conventional photocopiers cannot reproduce the original Sales Contract exactly as it appears, the parties may photocopy the original in parts and then join the parts together with an adhesive. The duplicate photocopy is to be received by the court on or before Wednesday, November 16, 2011.
11/16/2011 Filed letter from:   Rosner Barry & Babbitt, LLP for respondent and copy of Sales Contract
11/16/2011 Received copy of:   Sales Contract by appellant
11/18/2011 Order granting rehearing petition filed.   On the Court’s own motion and denying appellant’s petition for rehearing (M-R-J)

  The dealer’s petition for re-hearing is set forth here: sanchez-petition-for-rehearing