Severson & Werson attorneys Scott Hyman and Laszlo Ladi (along with Paul Soter from the Law Offices of Paul Soter) co-authored an article in the Conference on Consumer Finance Law Quarterly, one of the nation’s preeminent publications on consumer financial services legal developments, on California’s new debt collection licensing scheme and “mini-CFPB” legislation and their impact on those collecting consumer debts in California.  The article includes not only a description of both new laws, but detailed background on their legislative histories, anticipated regulatory interpretations, and their personal insights.  Laszlo and Paul presented the Article and their thinking on these two laws at the Conference on Consumer Finance Law’s Debt Collection Symposium Panels on March 11, 2021.

The article is available here.

Severson & Werson continues to track regulations and other developments related to both new laws (among others) at the Severson & Werson’s Consumer Finance Weblog.  For further information on the Debt Collection Licensing requirement, the new mini-CFPB legislation, or the DFPI’s anticipated implementing regulations, please contact Laszlo at or Scott at