This decision affirms a $7 million judgment, including $6 million in punitive damages, against an employer for firing plaintiff in violation of Lab. Code 1102.5(c) (which prohibits adverse employment action in retaliation for a refusal to work reasonably perceived to violate a local, state or federal rule or regulation) and 232.5 (which prohibits retaliation for reporting working coinditions).  Plaintiff was fired immediately after complaining about and refusing to perform further work on a holograph projection system in a theater because the employer had not obtained the building permit required by a local ordinance and because one projector unit hung from the ceiling above the audience was unsafely suspended in a manner that threatened a fall into the audience. The 6-to-1 punitive damage award was justified by the employer’s callous disregard of safety of the audience and vile manner in which the firing took place.