Under Rule 8.108, a “valid” motion to vacate judgment extends the time for appeal until denial of the motion or 90-days after the first valid notice of such a motion is filed.  Under CCP 659(a)(1) and 663a(a), a motion to vacate may be filed after the decision is rendered and before entry of judgment.  In a court trial in which a statement of decision is requested, the decision is rendered when the statement of decision is entered.  Here, because the trial was concluded in less than 8 hours on a single day, an oral statement of decision was permissible and was given at the end of the trial.  A notice of a motion to vacate filed thereafter but before entry of judgment kicked off the 90 day extension period under Rule 8.108, and the notice of appeal was too late because it was filed more than 90 days later.  Hence, the appeal was dismissed.