Yee owned a home in LA; Hon owned one in San Francisco.  They were romantically involved and were business partners in a company that ordered $141,000 of goods from Panrox, giving Panrox deeds of trust on both houses.  The business didn’t pay Panrox which commenced an action to collect the debt.  Court records reflected it was settled in 1998, and thereafter Panrox substituted in as trustee and reconveyed the deed of trust on Hon’s San Francisco home..  The reconveyance recited that the secured debt had been paid in full.  There was no reconveyance of the deed of trust on Yee’s L.A. home.  This decision affirms the trial court’s determination that the settlement discharged the debt, thus rendering the LA deed of trust valueless.  The recital in the San Francisco reconveyance was strong evidence overcoming rebuttable presumptions of nonpayment.  The failure to reconvey the LA deed of trust at the time of the settlement was a mere oversight.