Defendant, a Delaware corporation with headquarters in California, had a federal forum provision in its articles of incorporation which provided that any claims against it under the federal Securities Act of 1933 had to be brought in federal, not state, court.  This decision affirms an order dismissing without prejudice a Securities Act suit that one of the corporation’s shareholders brought against it in California state court.  Delaware has held that such federal forum selection clauses are enforceable.  (Salzberg v. Sciabacucchi (Del. 2020) 227 A.3d 102, 111.)  Such a provision is not preempted by the Securities Act’s provisions which grant state courts jurisdiction of Securities Act claims, preclude a defendant from removing such actions to federal court, and bar any waiver of the Securities Act’s provisions. Since the Supreme Court has held that a corporation’s arbitration clause doesn’t offend the Securities Act, the lesser restrixtion of a federal forum selection clause does not do so either.  Delaware law allowing such federal forum provision does not offend the dormant Commerce Clause or the Supremecy Clause.  Nor is the federal forum selection provision unreasonable or unconscionable.  So it is enforceable under both California and Delaware law.