Under 9 USC 9, a notice of motion to confirm an arbitration award may be served on a party resident in the forum district by the means used to serve an ordinary motion.  If the party is not a resident of the forum district, service must be by the marshall of the district in which the party resides, in the same manner as a summons and complaint are served. Service by marshal is anachronistic, but FRCivP 4.1 allows service by someone specially appointed by the court to effect service.  9 USC 9 says nothing about service on parties not resident in the US.  Congress did not intend to incorporate § 9’s nonresident service provision into Chapter 2 of the FAA in circumstances where nonresident adverse parties cannot be found for service within the United States. Since 9 USC 6 provides that an application under the FAA shall be made in the manner of a motion, FRCivP 5(b) governs, allowing service by mail on the adverse party’s attorney.