Plaintiffs bought some real property from Guillermo Guerrero.  LBS had recorded an abstract of judgment against the same person but under the name Wilbert G. Guerrero.  This decision holds that plaintiffs, who had no actual knowledge of LBS’ judgment lien also had no constructive knowledge of the lien since a regular search of the grantor-grantee indices for the name under which the seller conveyed the property–the name that was also used repeatedly in the chain of title documents–would not have revealed the abstract of judgment in Wilbert Guerrero’s name.  This is true even though Guillermo used Wilbert as a middle name or W. as a middle initial.  A purchaser need not search the grantor-grantee indices using a person’s middle name as a first name.  The party seeking to impart constructive knowledge bears the burden of assuring that the title document is properly indexed; the buyer or encumbrancer bears no duty to search for mis-indexed title records.