Under 17 USC 411(b), a certificate of registration of a copyright is effective and satisfies the registration-before-suit requirement of 411(a) even if the certificate contains inaccurate information unless the applicant submitted the information with knowledge it was inaccurate and Register of Copyrights would have refused registration had it known of the inaccuracy.  Reversing the Ninth Circuit (Gold Value Int’l Textile, Inc. v. Sanctuary Clothing, LLC (9th Cir. 2019) 925 F.3d 1140), this decision holds that inaccuracies of law as well as those of fact are excused under this provision.  Thus, even though Unicolors knew the underlying facts–here that it had previously sold some patterns that it included in a package of 31 designs it registered as a single group–its registration was valid because it did not know that the fact was legally significant.  (Under 27 CFR 202.3, collective works may be registered only if all of them are published or all of them are unpublished.  One can’t obtian a group registration of mixed published and unpublished works.)