Under Ins. Code 11580.2(f), insured and insurer must arbitrate any dispute about whether the insured is entitled to recover damages from an uninsured motorist and the amount of those damages.  The trial court erred in denying the insurer’s motion to compel arbitration.  The insurer did not waive arbitration by failing to pay the insured the amount that the insured claimed was undisputed.  Nor was the supposedly undisputed nature of a portion of the damages a reason for denying arbitration.  Under Ins. Code 11580.2(f), either the parties agree to the uninsured motorist’s liability and the amount of the insured’s damages, or they arbitrate those issues.  The fact that some of the insured’s claimed damages are supposedly beyond dispute–though not agreed to by the insurer–is no reason to deny arbitration.  Nor was the insured’s bad faith claim any reason to deny arbitration.  Arbitration should proceed on the two issues required by section 11580.2(f).  Litigation of the bad faith claim should proceed in court thereafter.