Under special legislation, Alameda County established a separate county-wide health district.  This decision holds that the district is subject to suit under some provisions of the Labor Code and IWC wage orders (meal and rest breaks and accurate wage statements) because nothing in the enabling legislation expressly exempts the district; there are no other positive indicia of legislative intent to exempt the district, and applying these laws will not interfere with sovereign governmental powers.  The district is also not a “municipal corporation” and so is not exempt from suit for failure to pay wages or pay them timely.  (Lab. Code 204.)  However, the district is an “other governmental agency” and so exempt from the wage statement requirements of Lab. Code 226 under subdivision (i) of that statute.  Because it is a governmental entity of some sort, the district is also exempt from the default statutory penalties under PAGA.  (Lab. Code 2699(b), (f).)  However, the district is subject to PAGA liability for penalties specifically provided for in other Lab. Code sections, such as sections 210 and 225.5.