Relying heavily on Anglo Irish Bank Corp. v. Superior Court (2008) 165 Cal.App.4th 969, this decision holds that a South Korean parent corporation is subject to specific personal jurisdiction in California based on activities its California subsidiary took in California in what the complaint charged was an antitrust conspiracy to fix spot market prices of fuel in California.  For personal jurisdiction purposes, the plaintiff need not show that the defendant would be substantively liable under agency or other theories for the acts third parties performed in California on its behalf.  All the plaintiff needs to show is that the defendant purposefully directed its activities at the forum state by causing a separate person or entity to engage in forum contacts.  This plaintiff did by showing that SK made the business plan its California subsidiary followed and caused the subsidiary to hire the trader who carried out the plan.  Also, the plaintiff need not show that the defendant’s conduct was the but for cause of the wrongful conduct.  All that is required is a direct connection between the defendant’s forum-related activities and the wrongful conduct alleged in the complaint.