This decision affirms a summary judgment for the insurer against a business interruption insurance claim by a casino due to COVID-19.  The decision holds that while it may be enough to overcome a demurrer for the complaint to allege simply that COVID-19 altered the surfaces of the plaintiff’s business property, at the summary judgment stage much more is required to sustain the claim.  To successfully oppose summary judgment, the insured must must 1) be able to present proof that the alteration of its property actually caused damage; 2) identify the specific property that had been damaged; 3) and especially present proof whether that property had to be replaced or was no longer usable; and 4) present evidence of the dollar amount of its loss.  Here, plaintiff failed to do so.  It was not required to replace any of its surfaces, furniture, gaming tables or equipment.  The plexiglass panels it installed were to prevent spread of the virus not to repair damage to its facilities.