Rice recovered judgment against Downs.  While Downs’ appeal from the judgment was pending, Rice moved for a charging order against Downs’ interest in Triton, an LLC of which he was the managing member.  That motion was denied due to the automatic stay on appeal.  Glaser, Downs’ lawyer, then obtained a security interest in Downs’ interest in Triton, which it perfected by filing a UCC-1 with the Secretary of State.  Later, Rice successfully moved again for a charging order.  Held:  The charging order reaches Triton’s $450,000 payment to Glaser for attorney fees earned representing Downs.  Even if Triton agreed to be a co-obligor for those fees, its payment of the fees was a distribution to Rice, whether or not it was a distribution to which he had a right under Triton’s operating agreement, since that agreement gave him control of Triton’s operations and its distributions on his behalf.  Also, the trial court found Triton was Downs’ alter ego, so he was paying himself by having Triton pay his debt to Glaser.  However, Glaser’s security interest was perfected before Rice obtained a charging order, so Glaser’s security interest had priority to the extent it covered the same property interest as the charging order.