Plaintiff raised a triable issue of fact precluding summary judgment on her disability discrimination claim.  Defendant fired her because she failed a physical exam which allowed an inference that defendant regarded plaintiff as disabled due to balance and strength deficits in her right leg as shown on the physical exam.  Plaintiff also raised a triable issue as to whether she could still perform the job’s essential functions despite those deficits.  The mere fact that she flunked the physical didn’t show that the job required her to run after students or otherwise use her leg.  Defendant admitted it fired plaintiff due to her physical condition.  Plaintiff also presented evidence to rebut the employer’s non-discriminatory reason for firing her.  In discussing her firing, her boss called her a liability four times, thus showing discriminatory intent.  Other claims for failure to engage in interactive process or provide accommodation were properly dismissed because plaintiff’s disability wasn’t open and obvious, and she didn’t initiate any accommodation procedure by claiming a disability.  Likewise, her retaliation claim failed because she was fired before she engaged in the allegedly protected activities.