Pep Boys extended their multiple-layer products liability insurance policies from one year to 17 months to align their insurance policies with their fiscal year.  Several of the extended policies stated that the policy was subject to a limit of” $x million in the aggregate for each annual period during the policy period.  This decision holds that the policy language cannot be fully squared with the 17-month policy since annual means a period of 12 months.  But extrinsic evidence showed that Pep Boys expected and paid for the same level of coverage throughout the period, and therefore the policy should be interpreted to allow for two “annual” limits, one for the first 12 months, the second for the remaining 5 months.  Even though it might be fairer to prorate the policy limit, that was something the policy did not allow.  A different excess policy, however, provided that its $x million limit applied with respect to loss which occurred during the term of the policy, thus clearly applying one limit to the entire 17 month period.