Contrary to holdings in prior cases, this decision holds that a party does not impliedly waive grounds for challenging a trial judge for cause under CCP 170.1 or 170.3 by waiting past the earliest opportunity to challenge the judge.  CCP 170.3(b)(2) provides that there cannot be a waiver of the right to disqualify a judge for personal bias or prejudice concerning a party.  That no-waiver rule applies to implied waiver by delay as well as express waiver and to disqualification under 170.1 for appearance of partiality as well as under 170.3 for actual bias.  The judge may strike a subsequent motion to disqualify if brought by the same party on the same facts.  But for this purpose, “party” means an affiliated corporation only if it was involved in the events giving rise to the suit.  Also, the judge may strike a motion to disqualify if it is frivolous on its face, but that power is very narrowly construed.  Here, the motion wasn’t frivolous, and the trial judge erred in striking