The district court erred in granting defendant summary judgment in this case in which the plaintiff Mexican nationals alleged a claim under 18 USC 1595 which gives a private right of actions for forced labor in violation of 18 USC 1589(a).  The latter section prohibits obtaining labor by (among other things) means of abuse of law or legal process.  There was sufficient evidence from which a jury could conclude that the defendant dairy operator had intentionally recruited Mexican workers under the TN visa program that allows temporary visas to Canadians or Mexicans to engage in business activities in the United States “at a professional level.”  While defendant represented to the prospective employees and immigartion officials that the recruits would be employed as animal scientists, in fact most of their actual duties were common manual labor, not anything at a professional level.  The occasional professional task didn’t make the general pattern of employment permissible.  Also, there was evidence that defendant used the TN program’s legal process to threaten the workers with deportation unless they complied with the defendant’s demands.  That some workers left anyway didn’t prove there was no intimidation, just that it was not universally successful.