The trial court properly confirmed an arbitration award.  Contrary to the loser’s claim, the fact that many years before the arbitrator had been a founding member of and lawyer for GLAAD, an LBGTQ organization, was not a fact that the arbitrator should have disclosed as showing potential for bias.  The case did not involve any LBGTQ issues, and the loser’s few sexist emails to an employee played only a minor role in the arbitrated dissolution of a joint venture that cratered over the loser’s misapplication of funds and exposing the joint venturer to the risk of liabliity of sexual harassment of the employee, not any sexual misconduct involving the joint venturer.  The arbitrator also did not fail to hear the loser’s evidence as it claimed on appeal.  The loser’s appeal was objectively and subjectively frivolous.  Its arguments were legally unfounded and based on a mischaracterization of the proceedings before the arbitrator.  The appeal was subjectively frivolous as well, continuing a scorched earth approach the loser had pursued throughout the arbitration and later court proceedings, spiced with ad hominem attacks on the opponent and her attorneys.  The loser and its counsel are ordered to pay the winner $46,000 in sanctions, and another $10,000 in sanctions to the court.