The trial court erred in sustaining defendants’ demurrer to the class action allegations of the complaint in this case which sought actual and punitive damages for the defendants’ misuse of the Ellis Act to evict tenants from rent-controlled units and then to list units in the same building on AirBnB for tenancies of up to three years.  The decision holds that under Gov. Code 7060.2, a landlord is liable to all former tenants of a building for actual and punitive damages if he re-rents any unit for residential purposes in the same building after evicting tenants under the Ellis Act.  It also holds that rental offered on AirBnB can be for residential purposes if the offer is for a sufficiently lengthy rental.  Here, plaintiff alleged that defendants owned 35 buildings from which they had evicted tenants under the Ellis Act and then offered one or more units in the buildings on AirBnB for tenancies of up to three years.  The common issue of liability could predominate making class certification possible if the pattern alleged in the complaint could be proven.  Certification of a liability only class might be possible or it might also prove manageable to prove classwide damages through calculating the difference between the rent controlled rents of the units from which class members were evicted and market rentals for similar units.