Compensation for expected but unearned future income to which the plaintiff has no legal entitlement is not recoverable as restitution under the UCL, regardless whether it is characterized as lost market share. Lost profits are damages, not restitution, and are unavailable in a private action under the UCL.  Here, the trial court properly dismissed plaintiff optometrist’s UCL claim against a competing chain of optical retailers, claiming that the chain did not comply with various state laws governing optometrists, thus violating the UCL, and thereby improperly gained market share from plaintiff and a putative class of other optometrists.  Under Korea Supply Co. v. Lockheed Martin Corp. (2003) 29 Cal.4th 1134, non-restitutionary disgorgement of profits—that is, profits that are neither money a defendant took from the plaintiff nor funds in which the plaintiff has an ownership interest—is not an authorized remedy under the UCL in an individual action.  Korea Supply also held that unearned income is not recoverable as restitution under the UCL because the plaintiff has no ownership interest in it.  Similarly, a business has no vested interest in its “market share.”