The trial court erred in granting defendant summary judgment based on expiration of the statute of limitations (CCP 340.5) in this medical malpractice case arising from a stillbirth following an operation to turn the fetus to a head-down position for birth.  There was a question of fact as to whether plaintiff subjectively suspected malpractice the day before delivering the stillborn fetus.  Plaintiff averred that she didn’t suspect any negligence.  Doctors told her they were uncertain why the fetus had died.  On the other hand, there was some evidence that plaintiff ordered an autopsy to find out the cause of death.  Similarly, there were triable issues of fact as to whether a reasonable person in plaintiff’s position would have suspected wrongdoing as the cause of the stillbirth.  Fetuses die for many known and unknown reasons.  Medical operations can fail without negligence.  The doctors didn’t know what caused the stillbirth and the autopsy didn’t find a clear reason for the stillbirth.